0800SPORTS Opens New Custom Fit Golf Studio

In Golf there is no such thing as standard!!!!

Basingstoke based 0800SPORTS have opened their new state of the art custom fit golf studio, complete with Trackman swing analysis system as used by all the leading club manufacturers.

Suprisingly 92% of Golfers buy clubs that “just work”……. Only 8% buy clubs that will actually help improve their game, fitted to their own swing style or “signature”!

Optimising your golf game

Why You Need Fitting?

Every golfer has a unique individual swing style creating a set of dynamics we call your signature.

What we do is then use that signature to fit a club in tune so it complements you and feels part of you. Everybody who’s played the game has picked up a club and said that feels good or this club is my favourite. Why? – because it fitted their signature.

What's my numbers?

What are my numbers?

Golfers all know there shoe, shirt and trouser size but how many know their launch numbers?

By understanding these numbers a player can optimise his or her game to the get the most potential out of their golf swing.

This benefits golfers of all standards not just proficient players. Just think how much better you could be with a 10% improvement!

Tour Experience


Every major manufacturer uses Trackman to get the most accurate data for their athletes and you too can now benefit from the best tool in golf.

You can use multiple clubs and shafts to find your optimum launch conditions.

We can even tell you what golf ball either helps you or even worse hurts you.

How The Custom Fit Process Works

Important Questions

  • Do you hit the ball high or low?
  • Do you get run on the ball when it lands?
  • Do you prefer a heavier or lighter shaft weight?
  • What is the best club in your bag?
  • What is your bad shot?
  • What is your handicap?
  • What are you looking to try?

Our Custom Fit Technician

You’re only as good as the fitter who helps you understand why something is better and not just “try that” and hope by painting a picture of what actually happens to you under pressure on the course.

Our fitter has over 15 years experience in fitting some of the best and the worst players in golf, his knowledge is recognized as industry leading and will give you an informative look at what best suits your game.

The Journey Begins

There are certain types of swing that will create an angle of attack that is not applicable to the golfer’s body shape and size.

THERE IS NO STANDARD – every player is a blank page at the outset.

At the start of the fit we will measure what you have for:

Are you ready to begin? Before you buy your next set of clubs call 0800SPORTS on 0844 800 5552 book yourself in for a fitting and take shots off your game.

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