The Main Mistakes of Mourinho: Salah and Another 4 Missed Football Stars

Recently, the British press has not ceased, reflecting on the conflict between Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho. The famous coach does not shy away from sending the most expensive football player of the Premier League to the reserve or changing him during the game. If in the summer Pogba will go to another club and soon play at the former level or even better – do not be surprised. Mourinho earlier refused the players, who eventually made incredible progress. Check the five most obvious examples.

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Kevin De Bruyne

The best football player in the Premier League right now was in Chelsea back in January 2012 but first wandered around for rent. Footballer received his chance in the season 13/14. Kevin immediately found himself in the starting lineup for the first Premier League match against Hull, in which he made an assist. What happened next is a mystery. Here is what Mourinho says about this:


“With De Bruine it’s easy – if you have a player who complains and asks to leave every day, you need to make a decision. He did not have the motivation to play for us. If he stayed with us, he would not have succeeded the way he did in Wolfsburg, and we would not have sold him for so good price. ”

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah in “Liverpool” has scored more than 30 goals this season in all tournaments. In the Premier League at a rate of fire, he is second only to Harry Kane. Of course, Liverpool got a ready-made player, the potential of which was revealed in “Roma”. Another question is why Mourinho did not want to work for the prospect with the Egyptian …

If you believe the British press, Salah was originally ready to wait for his chance on the bench. The only thing that he could not stand – an endless criticism from Jose. The situation is largely similar to that in which Henrikh Mkhitaryan turned out to be. The Egyptian allowed himself to snarl when the Portuguese said that he is not worthy to be on the team that wins the championship.

David Luiz

The Brazilian became a part of the success of the renewed PSG, and then the system-forming player in the champion team of Antonio Conte. But it was after the Mourinho era. In the summer of 2014, Jose suddenly decided to sell the lead defender to Paris. Louis was never a model of reliability, but his potential was obvious. However, not for Mourinho.

Leonardo Bonucci

The current captain of Milan spent the best years of his career at Juventus, where he was almost an example of a central defender for young players. Few people remember, but Leo crossed with Jose too. When the Portuguese specialist coached Inter, he did not want to bother with the promising Bonucci. In 2009, Jose agreed to transfer the Italian to Genoa for a ridiculous 3.4 million pounds.

Juan Mata

Mata was the best Chelsea player before Jose Mourinho era. Twice he was recognized as the best player of the season in the “blue” team and was even included in the team of the year. At the same time, Chelsea was far from the fight for the championship title. In the season 13/14, the situation has changed. The Portuguese specialist expressed dissatisfaction with the game of the Spaniard – Mata did not work out in defense, according to the coach. Jose preferred the bright Spaniard to the hard worker Oscar.

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