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3 LED headlamp with single lighting level and red flip filter

The range of TACTIKKA headlamps is designed for activities which might require a coloured light beam, such as hunting and fishing.
The red light preserves night vision once the eye has adapted to the darkness and provides discrete lighting. Since it’s not blinding, this lighting mode is also practical for every-day use, such as checking on a sleeping child.

For Fishing

Ideal for a pre-dawn start to a fishing day or for night time fishing trips. They are an essential piece of equipment for the keen angler. These headlamps offer discreet lighting, leaving the hands free to set up lines, organize gear, etc.

The TACTIKKA headlamp is compact, lightweight and comes equipped with a red flip filter which provides discreet lighting.

With three LEDs and a single lighting level, it is simple to use and provides powerful lighting with ample burn time. Its beam can be aimed in the desired direction, for example to check equipment.

  • Discreet lighting preserving night vision:
    – red filter covers LEDs
    – easy transition between red and white lighting with flip filter
  • Long burn time:
    – three LEDs produce flood beam lighting with a long burn time
  • Compact and lightweight:
    – single compartment contains LED and batteries
    – 78 g including batteries
  • Easy to use and practical:
    – one lighting level
    – beam can be easily aimed where needed
    – comfortable and adjustable elastic headband

Petzl Tactikka Head Torch Specifications:

Available in two colours:
– E46 P2: black, solid black band
– E46 PC2: olive drab, camouflage band
Red filter made of impact resistant polycarbonate
Operates on three AAA/LR03 batteries (included)
Degree of protection: IP X4 (water-resistant)
3-year guarantee
CE Approval

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