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At the recent charity golf day held at Donnington Valley Golf Club, members of 0800Sports entered a team and donated a selection of golfing products to the after dinner raffle in aid of the Pelican Cancer Trust. This registered charity specialises in raising funds for research into male orientated cancers
Whilst there, two members of staff, myself and Clive Riches decided to “test” a number of new products.

I chose the Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver and Clive chose the Golf Silver with Sinofit performance socks from sporting experts X SOCKS.
With a seemingly incurable slice, the Nickent 4DX Evolver driver, with its 30 different settings for the clubface seemed the ideal club for me.
Before we left, I had our resident club fitter set the clubface to what he believed would help me out. It was so simple it took him just a matter of minutes and off I went.
On the first tee, I approached with a little nervousness, would the dreaded slice return and leave me blushing.

I swung the club and watched the ball fly straight down the fairway, it happened again on the 2nd and the 3rd. Then over confidence set in and the dreaded slice came back for a few holes, but the Nickent 4DX got me back on track and I finished the round happy and confident.

After a good test, I would thoroughly recommend the Nickent 4DX to anyone with an uncontrollable slice who is happy to let technology take a helping hand. Read Full Review Here
My colleague Clive, decided to try out the less glamorous but just as technically advanced Golf Silver with Sinofit socks.
A lot of golfers forget the amount of stress and strain walking an 18 hole golf course can cause.

How many times have you finished up at the 19th hole complaining of tired and aching feet ?

X SOCKS have developed a patented technology that not only cushions and supports your feet, especially the Achilles but also provides the feet with natural air conditioning via special channels woven into the sides of the socks. With this top of the range sock, comes a silver laced footbed which helps stop the spread of bacteria and odour.
Both Clive and I were sceptical of the manufacturers claims, however when we finished not only were Clive’s feet feeling fresh with no ache’s or pains, he was the first to the bar, which was another first.

When we questioned him on how they felt, he said that the mild compression built into the socks helped significantly while walking, and the extra padded comfort zones relieved all the natural pressure points on both feet. Read Full Review Here at
After nearly missing dinner, because we were in the wrong bar, sat down to a very nice meal with local doctors and surgeons and waited for the raffle.

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